• " Dr. Pope is conscientious, dedicated to his patients, and tries to give the best treatment and service possible. He responds readily to problems, questions, and concerns, and always works diligently to resolve any issues. Dr. Pope treats his clients with respect and care at all times!"

    - Cecil G.

  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Pope's for many years, and have the utmost trust in him and his staff. I always know my teeth are going to look and feel their healthiest under his care!"

    - Felicia G.

  • "Dr. Pope is a superb dentist for several reasons: He is highly skilled, sets high standards for patient care, and he is very personable, always taking the time to listen to his patients in order to best meet their needs. Dr. Pope genuinely cares about his patients and works hard to provide the best outcome for each individual patient."

    - Jeanne D.

  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Pope's for over 20 years and couldn't imagine going anywhere else. Dr. Pope and his staff make you feel so welcome and at ease. He is very knowledgeable and stays on top of the latest technology. Dr. Pope truly cares about you and your smile...he is the best!"

    - Angela E.


3 Advantages to Modern Fillings

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Dentistry constantly evolves and improves. If you think about old-timey photographs, no one was smiling! That’s because missing teeth and metal dentistry would ruin the family portrait. Fortunately, today’s dentistry is gorgeous and barely detectable. Dental fillings no longer have to contain metal, which darkens the entire tooth. We offer long-lasting tooth-colored fillings in our Somerset, KY dental office.Here Are Some Advantages of Modern FillingsThey come in many shades – Composite, the material that we use to fill cavities, comes in many colors to match your natural teeth. We have a number on hand at Southern Dental Group to match your natural teeth.We begin by matching your tooth color with ...

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Don't Wait Weeks for a Crown!

Tooth | Cerec crowns in Somerset
Is it just our team that has noticed, or does it feel like life just gets faster and faster? This seems especially true this time of year in the wake of the holidays and as a new year approaches. We understand that your time is valuable and that is one of the reasons we started offering CEREC crowns in our Somerset dental office.Unlike traditional lab-created dental crowns, you will not need to wait two or more weeks for your final restoration. You can have your final crown on the same day at your appointment.CEREC crowns are a great alternative for patients who have time-crunched schedules or who want to avoid ...

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CEREC vs. Traditional Crowns: What You Need to Know

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If you need a crown and you’re comparing the benefits of CEREC crowns vs. traditional laboratory crowns, you’ve probably noticed a lot of conflicting information. Dr. Michael Pope offers both CEREC (in-office) and lab-created dental crowns because they both have advantages.CEREC vs. Traditional Crowns – the DifferencesHere are some points to consider when weighing your options.CEREC crowns are fast, convenient, and durable. CEREC crowns eliminate the need for additional appointments to seat your final crown and you do not have the hassle of a temporary crown. Temporary crowns use a bonding agent that is easier to remove when your final crown is ready and sometimes come out, requiring a trip ...

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The Bigger Picture of Dental Hygiene

Comprehensive oral hygiene is more complex than a simple dental cleaning every six months. It includes all aspects of keeping your smile bright and healthy. Dr. Michael Pope, your experienced Somerset dentist, will help you develop an oral care routine to keep your smile healthy.What You Do at HomeGood hygiene requires more than just running a toothbrush across your teeth twice a day and slipping floss quickly between teeth to finish the task in record time. The goal here, of course, is to clean teeth. Using proper brushing and flossing results in better overall oral health, but requires your diligence.Brush for at least two minutes with your toothbrush angled toward ...

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Why Was the Definition of

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Until recently, oral health referred to the vitality of teeth, gums, and the chewing system, including jaw joints and bone. As someone who has a smile, you probably know that the true meaning of oral health is far more nuanced than just being able to eat comfortably.Your smile is a big part of your identity and means the world to those who love you. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, or if you have discomfort, you might have some concerns that others may not be aware of. Your smile can dramatically impact your feelings about yourself and how you present yourself to the world.Recently, the American ...

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How Does a Dental Bridge Work?

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When seeking to replace a missing tooth, dental bridges are a popular option. In our Somerset dental office, we offer natural-looking tooth-colored options to blend in with your smile.What Is a Dental Bridge?A dental bridge requires two anchor crowns to hold an artificial tooth in place. Placing crowns on healthy adjacent teeth allows us to bridge the gap in our smile with an artificial tooth.Once in place, you can chew on your dental bridge normally, though it is a good idea to avoid super sticky foods or chewing on hard foods like ice.When cleaning your dental bridge, you can use a floss threader or a small brush designed to remove ...

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The 5 Most Common Dental Injuries

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Dental injuries can feel pretty traumatic because they are always unexpected and your smile is such an important part of your appearance. When a dental emergency happens to you and you’re near the 42501 area and looking for help, we are here to restore your comfort and smile as quickly as possible.We treat 5 common dental injuries most often in our Somerset, KY dental office.A Broken ToothYou’re enjoying your lunch and suddenly, crunch! This can be painful and scary, especially when you feel those sharp tooth edges with your tongue and realize that you broke your tooth. A broken tooth can be painful, or you may not have any pain, depending ...

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