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Quality Vs. Poor Teeth Whitening Products

October 20, 2016
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With so many options available over the counter for teeth whitening today, we see a lot of patients who want to know the difference between an over the counter product and professional teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is a great way to get the smile you've always wanted whether it's for an upcoming event, or just because!

Over the Counter Teeth Whitening

There are tons of options available today for over the counter whitening kits. Some of the benefits include a lower cost, they are easier to purchase, and they do provide some results in most cases. However, these products are not nearly as effective as professional treatments, and they do not provide any customization for each unique patient. 

Over the counter options typically provide a whitening gel and generic trays. In some cases, strips are used instead of whitening trays. You can simply read the instructions for use, and go from there. However, since every product is different, and moreover every person is different, you simply have to rely on the provided instructions for the whitening process and hope that you get the results that you are looking for. 

Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is safe, effective, and simple. We start by taking impressions of your teeth to create custom whitening trays for you to use. Not only will these be more comfortable, but because they fit perfectly to your teeth, the whitening process will be more effective. Your dentist will consult with you on how you should be using the treatment based on your unique needs for teeth whitening. We can also help you decide how many shades whiter you would like to go for your treatment, and our team can adjust your treatment plan accordingly so that you achieve the results you are looking for. Your dental team can help you through the entire process!

It's very common for people to dislike the color of their teeth, but you don't have to continue this way! Professional teeth whitening can help you get the smile that you've always wanted. Not only is professional teeth whitening safe and effective, but it's actually affordable as well. No one should feel uncomfortable with the look of their smile! 

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If you have any questions about teeth whitening, or if you'd like to learn more about custom whitening and the process you can expect, don't hesitate to contact our office today for more information on getting started!

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