Complex Dental Treatment in Somerset, KY

Complex Dental Treatment Somerset KYDo you have problems making your dentistry last? Do you have new dental work only to find that it breaks down quickly? If your smile feels uncomfortable and you encounter one dental issue after another, we can help. Not every dentist is equipped to handle complex dental cases, but Somerset dentist Dr. Michael Pope has spent many hours learning and developing his skills in order to provide our patients with long-term, reliable dental care – even for the most challenging cases!

Dr. Pope has made substantial investments in cutting-edge technology and has received training from some of the top dentists in the world. In complex treatment, pre-planning the outcome of the treatment is critical for a predictable result that is natural looking and functional. We enjoy the challenge of a complex treatment plan and provide outstanding results – consistently. 

Full Mouth Restorative Dentistry

Are your teeth damaged from excessive wear, grinding, or broken down crowns and fillings? You may have an underlying problem with your bite that needs a solution before we begin restoring your teeth. Dr. Pope participated in continuing education courses at the prestigious Dawson Academy to learn more about treatment planning and smile designs for complex dental cases. 

The Dawson Academy works with general dentists to plan, design, and create long-lasting dental solutions for even the most complex restorative and tooth-replacement scenarios.

Dr. Pope approaches your dentistry in a way that accounts for your bite and your jaw function and predicts any challenges that might arise. That way, when he creates a custom treatment plan to restore your smile, you will experience more reliable and predictable results. That means dentistry that will look and feel great for a long time.

Complete Smile Makeovers

Do you feel like your smile holds you back? Do you want to change the appearance of your smile but you don’t know where to begin or how it will work? Dr. Pope can discuss your goals regarding your appearance and design a treatment plan that improves the aesthetics of your smile as well as the function. After all, beautiful smiles should still be comfortable. 

From the simplest cosmetic enhancements to full smile makeovers, we offer restorative services to meet every need. Some of the options we provide are:

  • Dental bonding
  • White fillings
  • Porcelain crowns
  • Professional teeth whitening
  • Veneers
  • Customized dentures
  • Dental implant treatment

A cosmetic consultation will allow us to determine how best to improve the appearance of your smile so that you have increased confidence each day. 

Are You Ready for a Change? 

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