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We know that you might come to us with questions about our office or your dentistry. You might wonder if we are the right dental office for you. We encourage our patients to ask questions and participate in their dental care.

Here are some common questions we receive. If you think of one that is not on this list, just give us a call and we can answer it for you. You can also use our web contact form and send us an email. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.


Insurance Dentist Somerset KYAt Southern Dental Group we are in-network providers for Delta Dental Premier plan and Superior Dental plan, but we will file for all insurance companies. If you have more questions concerning insurance, feel free to call our office at 606-678-0874.

CEREC Dentistry

Dental Crowns Somerset KYAt Southern Dental Group, we can often create your crown in one day. Because we utilize CAD/CAM technology and we have a CEREC (ceramic reconstruction) machine right in our Somerset dental office, we eliminate the need for gooey impressions and sending your crown to the dental lab for fabrication. 

By eliminating the step that includes a temporary crown and the need to involve a dental lab, we can often save you money as well as time. CEREC takes the guesswork out of dentistry, and you will leave with a quality restoration. 

We start by taking a digital impression of your tooth. Once we load that information into our dental software, our computer processes it and comes up with a 3-D image to create your ceramic crown. Then our computer works with a special machine to mill your new restoration out of a single block of ceramic. 

We can seat your permanent crown on the same day of your appointment. Crowns are not the only restorations we can create using CEREC technology. We also make veneers, fillings, bridges, inlays, and onlays. The versatile and reliable technology that CEREC provides allows our patients to improve their smiles faster than ever.

Complex Dental Treatment

Girl Wondering | Dentist Somerset KYIf you have serious dental conditions, you might have gone from dentist to dentist only to discover that finding answers can be difficult. The truth is that not every dentist has the skills and additional training necessary to treat complex dental cases. Because full mouth cases involve your jaw, occlusion (your bite), and other factors that make treatment more complex and difficult, finding a dentist to help can be a challenge. Many dentists simply do not know how to approach such comprehensive treatment plans.

Dr. Michael Pope has always welcomed complex dental cases, whether your focus is a full mouth reconstruction or a full mouth cosmetic makeover, you are in good hands at Southern Dental Group. Dr. Pope has attended numerous hours of continuing education courses to increase his skills, including the prestigious Dawson Academy courses that teach general dentists how to create lasting restorative dentistry for even the most challenging conditions.

With an evaluation in our Somerset dental office, we can create a custom treatment plan that restores your smile’s comfort and function. We know that a healthy smile increases your quality of life by allowing you to eat the foods you love and enjoy smiling again. We look forward to helping you achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you have always wanted.

Comprehensive Oral Exam

Dentist in Somerset KYUnlike most dental offices, we don’t send in our dentist for one or two minutes during your first dental cleaning in our office. We believe it’s important for Dr. Pope to get to know our new patients by speaking to you and discussing your goals and challenges regarding your oral health.

At your first exam in our office, Dr. Michael Pope will perform a complete evaluation of each of your teeth, a life-saving oral cancer screening, and a periodontal evaluation; he will make sure we have a full medical history; and we will take any necessary dental x-rays and digital images to make sure we have a clear picture of your dental health. We also take a panoramic x-ray, which allows us to evaluate your bone levels and look for suspicious pathologies.

Once you have your comprehensive oral evaluation, Dr. Pope can recommend the appropriate professional hygiene appointment to improve or maintain the health of your teeth and gums. He will also discuss any conditions with you that need your immediate attention.

We encourage you to ask any questions and share any improvements you might like to make to your smile. This is an opportunity for you and Dr. Pope to develop a good foundation that supports your oral health for many years to come.


Cosmetic Tooth-Colored Fillings

Cosmetic Dentist Somerset KYMost patients assume that all cosmetic dentistry is extremely costly. However, we have several extremely affordable cosmetic dentistry treatments available at Southern Dental Group. You can spruce up your smile with some simple, affordable, and non-invasive procedures. 

Professional teeth whitening – one of the most affordable and easiest ways to enhance the beauty of your smile is by bleaching away the stains that have collected over the years. Even if you never smoked, your teeth can stain because of common foods and beverages. Whitening your smile helps you look healthier and younger. 

Tooth-colored fillings – if you have dark, broken down amalgam fillings that make your teeth look gray, you might benefit from replacing them with white fillings that match your teeth. You would be surprised what a few small changes can do for your overall appearance. 

Cosmetic dental bonding – if you have minor flaws in your smile such as gaps, chips, or oddly shaped teeth, we may be able to make some improvements with dental bonding. Bonding is a non-invasive treatment that adds to your existing tooth structure to correct minor imperfections and damage. It is one of the easiest ways to fix the things that annoy you about your smile. 

These are just some of the affordable cosmetic dentistry options we offer at our Somerset dental office. To learn more about cosmetic treatments and how to improve your smile, give us a call and set up a consultation.

Preventative Dental Cleanings

Dentist Somerset KYWe welcome new patients of all ages to our Somerset dental office. Dr. Michael Pope and our entire team have experience treating patients from three to ninety years of age. We tailor our treatment to be appropriate for every life stage and enjoy providing quality dental care for the entire family.

You will find that we focus on prevention in our office because we believe it is better to stop a problem before it starts. That is why we recommend regular preventative appointments and professional dental cleanings in our office to help you stay on track.

Don’t worry if you haven’t been to the dentist in awhile. We know that people stay away from the dentist for a number of reasons. We will never make you feel bad or guilty for taking the first step to getting back on track. Our team will remain solution-oriented and create a treatment plan to restore your dental health.

Whether you have a lot or a little work to do, we will make sure you feel comfortable for each appointment. We make sure our patients feel at ease and believe that dentistry can be a positive experience.

If you are looking for a new dental home, give us a call today. We look forward to partnering with you in a lifetime of excellent oral health.

Root Canals

Dental Emergencies Somerset KYWe understand that dental emergencies can arise at any time. Even if you are diligent with your care and have relatively good dental health, you can have an unexpected and often painful experience at just about any moment.

We never want our patients to act tough and suffer through unnecessary dental pain. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is seriously wrong and needs your attention. At the first sign of discomfort, give us a call. We can ask questions that will help us understand what might be happening and how we should address your particular situation.

If you break a tooth, lose a filling, lose a crown, or if you have unexplained dental pain, calling us right away can help us treat you better.

If your dental emergency is part of an accident and you have uncontrolled or excessive bleeding, a head injury, or feel dizzy, you should go to the nearest emergency room because you may have more serious injuries that take priority over your dental health. 

If we see you in our office for an emergency exam, we will focus on relieving your pain, stabilizing the situation, and determining the next best step for treatment. 

When in doubt, always give us a call. We are here to help.

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