Crowns and Bridges in Somerset, KY

Dental Crowns and Bridges Somerset KYIf you have ever broken or fractured a tooth, you may be familiar with dental crowns, also known as caps. Crowns are one of the most versatile restorative treatments available in dentistry today because they provide the greatest amount of support and stability to your remaining tooth structure. 

When Is a Crown Necessary? 

If you have a broken tooth or if you have a tooth that has had a root canal, a dental crown can help to restore the comfort, function, and strength of your tooth. Dental crowns are also useful in restoring teeth that have had deep decay and a compromised structure. Dental crowns are made of a wide variety of durable materials, such as porcelain, that completely cover your tooth. This accomplishes the restoration of both the function and appearance of your smile. 

Dr. Michael Pope will create your custom dental crown to match your smile so that it looks natural and blends in perfectly. He will make sure the measurements are precise and fit your bite for greater comfort and function because crowns are not just for looks! 

Thanks to CEREC technology, we can create many restorations in as little as one appointment. Because we fabricate your crown in our office using CAD/CAM technology, we eliminate the need to make a temporary crown and take an impression to send to the dental lab. 

High-Quality Dental Bridges

When you have a missing tooth, we can use the same technology we use for dental crowns to bridge the gap in your smile. Traditional dental bridges utilize your adjacent teeth to suspend your replacement tooth, closing the gap in your smile and restoring your chewing surface. We create traditional dental bridges as one unit and permanently bond it to your teeth for increased aesthetics and function.

In cases with multiple missing teeth, we may be able to utilize a combination of dental bridges and implants to replace your missing teeth and restore your smile.

Caring for Your Dental Restorations 

Caring for your dental restorations is much like caring for your natural teeth and essential to their health and longevity. Brushing, flossing, and regular professional cleaning and exams will go a long way toward protecting your restorations. At each of your routine exams, Dr. Pope will check your restorations and make sure they are healthy and protecting your teeth effectively. If a problem arises, he will let you know right away so we can address it.

Do You Have a Cracked Tooth? 

Don’t hesitate. Call our office right away. At Southern Dental Group, we help our patients by providing exceptional preventative and restorative dentistry so that you can smile with confidence and eat the foods you love.

Our entire team looks forward to seeing your smile.