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How Does a Dental Bridge Work?

August 31, 2017
Posted By: Southern Dental Group
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When seeking to replace a missing tooth, dental bridges are a popular option. In our Somerset dental office, we offer natural-looking tooth-colored options to blend in with your smile.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge requires two anchor crowns to hold an artificial tooth in place. Placing crowns on healthy adjacent teeth allows us to bridge the gap in our smile with an artificial tooth.

Once in place, you can chew on your dental bridge normally, though it is a good idea to avoid super sticky foods or chewing on hard foods like ice.

When cleaning your dental bridge, you can use a floss threader or a small brush designed to remove debris from around your bridge.

The Process of Getting a Dental Bridge

After removing a diseased or damaged tooth, we will prepare your adjacent teeth for a dental crown and take an impression of the area. This impression, along with specific instructions about shading and color will go to our dental lab.

In the meantime, we can create a temporary bridge to fill the gap in your smile while we wait the 2-3 weeks for our lab to complete your final restoration.

Once it is complete, Dr. Michael Pope will permanently attach it to your teeth. He will test your bite using colored paper, called articulating paper, that you bite down on to ensure that your bridge fits comfortably with the opposing teeth and that the force distributes evenly.

Can Dental Bridges Replace More Than One Tooth?

The short answer is yes. It helps to stabilize your dental bridge with an implant, if possible because the more teeth you replace at once, the less stable your bridge will be. If your bridge is located at the back of your mouth, it will be integral in chewing and may require more support.

For additional questions about dental bridges, contact our Somerset dental office!

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