Comprehensive Oral Exam

Comprehensive Oral Exam in Somerset KYDr. Michael Pope takes the health of his patients seriously. That is why he performs a comprehensive oral evaluation for each of his patients. Our comprehensive exams allow us to closely monitor your health and notice any changes to your teeth and gums. That way, we can help to prevent many major conditions before they start.

Oral Cancer Screening 

We also take this opportunity to look for any suspicious lesions in your mouth and gums. Oral cancer is a particularly deadly form of cancer, but with regular trips to your Somerset dentist, you can increase your chances of an early diagnosis, which in turn increases your chances of survival. 

Oral cancer often has no pain or symptoms until it is at a late stage of development, but your dentist knows the signs to look for and is your first line of defense against oral cancer.

Certain risk factors increase your chances of getting oral cancer – alcohol, tobacco use, a family history, and exposure to HPV (human papilloma virus). Dr. Pope will look for any early signs or suspicious lesions and recommend a biopsy, if necessary. Even if you have complete dentures, you should still have regular exams with Dr. Pope so you can have this life-saving screening. 

Charting and Medical History

We examine for conditions such as decay, fractured teeth, gum recession, or old restorations that need replacement, we will mark down all of the information in your chart. That way, we can share accurate information with you and create a treatment plan to restore your health. We can help you prioritize your treatment and address urgent conditions first in order to protect your smile.

Your oral health directly relates to your overall health. Changes in medication or hormones, your medical history, and systemic conditions all affect your teeth and gums. We will record a full health history periodically to assist in improving and maintaining your dentistry. 

Periodontal (Gum) Evaluation

We will determine the health of your gums by using a small instrument that measures the pockets around your teeth. Healthy gums cling snugly to your teeth, but when an infection occurs, bacteria can collect around your gumline, creating periodontal pocketing, bleeding, and sensitivity.

These measurements are painless. We look for areas that might need extra attention at home or that could require periodontal treatments or cleanings. We use this opportunity to look for gum recession, notching, and any cracks in your teeth that might cause a problem for you. 

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