Root Canal Therapy in Somerset, KY

Root Canals Somerset KYYou may have numerous notions about root canals. Perhaps you’ve heard that they’re painful or that the procedure is a difficult one. However, root canals are useful in relieving symptoms of infection and pain. They may even help to extend the life of your tooth by decades, with the proper restoration. With modern treatment methods, your root canal can be quick and virtually pain-free.

At Southern Dental Group, Dr. Michael Pope has years of experience performing root canals successfully. He is extremely gentle and will make sure you are numb for your procedure so you feel comfortable. 

What Is a Root Canal?

When your tooth becomes infected, it can cause significant pain, swelling, and sensitivity. You may notice that your pain increases over time. Inside your tooth is an area that surrounds the nerve, called the pulp. When that tissue becomes infected, it can feel quite painful. Root canal treatment removes the infection from inside your tooth and allows your body to heal. 

Dr. Pope will use precision instruments to remove the pulp, nerve, and infection. Then he will pack your canal with a biocompatible material and medication to assist with healing. He will monitor your condition, making sure you heal properly.

Your body will take over the natural healing process, and you will begin to feel better each day until your pain is completely gone. Once your tooth heals completely, Dr. Pope will recommend a restoration to protect your tooth – either a filling or a crown depending on the location of your tooth. 

Why Would My Tooth Require a Crown? 

Once you have a root canal, your tooth structure changes and becomes brittle. A filling may be enough to protect your tooth from damage, but in the case of molars or other teeth that absorb force from chewing, a crown might be a more suitable option. Unlike a filling, which seals your tooth to keep out food and bacteria, a crown completely covers your tooth, providing extra support and preventing it from fractures. The proper restoration is essential to the long-term function of your tooth. 

Why Save Your Tooth? 

You may wonder why we go through this effort to save your tooth, when extracting it may be the easier option. Losing a tooth can have serious repercussions with your dental health, in addition to having an effect on your self-confidence. 

Tooth replacement treatments are often more expensive and less convenient than saving your natural tooth. We can discuss all of your options after a thorough exam. 

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