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The Bigger Picture of Dental Hygiene

October 30, 2017
Posted By: Southern Dental Group

Comprehensive oral hygiene is more complex than a simple dental cleaning every six months. It includes all aspects of keeping your smile bright and healthy. Dr. Michael Pope, your experienced Somerset dentist, will help you develop an oral care routine to keep your smile healthy.

What You Do at Home

Good hygiene requires more than just running a toothbrush across your teeth twice a day and slipping floss quickly between teeth to finish the task in record time. The goal here, of course, is to clean teeth. Using proper brushing and flossing results in better overall oral health, but requires your diligence.

Brush for at least two minutes with your toothbrush angled toward the gums where plaque often collects. Brush every area of your teeth, including the chewing surfaces, using fluoride toothpaste.

Preventive Oral Hygiene

For many patients, all that is necessary for a clean smile is to have a regular dental exam and cleaning every six months. Sometimes these recommendations change based on your previous dental and medical history. We customize dental recommendations for each patient as their health changes or because of aging.

Catch-Up Cleanings

If you have missed dental cleanings or negligent with your home care, you probably need a little help catching up. We have cleanings designed to remove more than average tartar in order to restore your health.

All of our dental cleanings are comfortable and designed with your health in mind.

Periodontal Treatment and Maintenance

It is possible to reverse the very earliest gum disease by stepping up your at-home and preventive dental care. In later stages, however, reversal is not possible, and once you have advanced gum disease, you will always be more susceptible to a reoccurrence. 

Periodontal maintenance aims to keep your gums healthy and prevent future infection and tooth loss.

Ready for a Clean, Fresh Smile?

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