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CEREC Dentistry

March 4, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Michael Pope
CEREC dentistry Somerset KY dentist

When you need a filling or crown, one of the major downsides is often needing to get a temporary restoration put in until a separate lab created restoration can be made for you, which means more money and more time. At Southern Dental Group, we offer our patients in the Somerset, KY area the benefit of CEREC dentistry allowing us to cut out the middle man and save you your hard earned time and money.

What is CEREC Dentistry?

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEREC, is a method of dentistry used for creating digitally customized dental restorations without the need to send impressions to a lab. All dental restorations are done in the office, on the same day, during the same appointment so we can do the full procedure all at the same time.

Benefits of CEREC Dentistry

  • Saves you time – Because the entire restoration procedure is done in our office, you won’t have to take off work to take an impression and then again when we receive the crown. We understand it can be difficult to take time off work and want to make each visit worth your time.

  • Less error – All dental restorations are created digitally, which are more exact than the gummy impressions sent to a lab. The computer can scan each crevice in your tooth to make fillings fit perfectly and hard to pop out of place. Any modifications that need to be done can be taken care of easily without sending it back to be repaired.

  • Easy repairs – If a filling, veneer, or crown does fall out, crack, or chip, it is easier for us to replace it. We can quickly get you a new restoration so you can get back to day-to-day life without the worry of pain or damage to your tooth.

  • More natural looking – CEREC dentistry can be used to create almost any restoration including fillings, crowns, and veneers. They are all made of a ceramic material that can be easily made to match the color of your teeth so the restoration looks seamless and natural, while also being strong enough to handle years of wear and tear.

Advantage of Technology

With newer dental technology, we can give you more efficient care, so why go somewhere else to get your dental restoration? If you would like to know more about CEREC dentistry and how you can benefit, please contact our office at your earliest convenience.  

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