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3 Benefits of Veneers

March 20, 2017
Posted By: Southern Dental Group
Porcelain Veneers Somerset KY

Porcelain veneers open the door for just about anyone to achieve a beautiful smile, even those who suffer from significant wear or damage.

When patients dream of the perfect smile, porcelain veneers often play a role in that vision because they are one of the most versatile cosmetic dentistry treatments available.

When we design porcelain veneers in our Somerset, KY dental office, we do so in a highly customized fashion so that you enjoy outstanding results.

Here are 3 benefits of veneers:

#1 – They Correct Just about Any Cosmetic Concern

Porcelain veneers cover the front of your natural tooth structure and address everything from stained teeth to misalignment. Since veneers provide full coverage, they close gaps and give teeth a more uniform appearance, all the way across your smile. Not everyone was blessed with perfectly shaped teeth at birth, but we can make it look like you were.

How many veneers we recommend depends on the shape and width of your smile.

#2 – They Restore the Length of Your Teeth

A clenching and grinding habit (called bruxism) or malocclusion (a poor bite) can cause excessive wear to your teeth. Over time, they may develop a “sheared off” look, worn straight across instead of natural, varying lengths.

Porcelain veneers add length and comfort to worn teeth. This not only improves your appearance, but also the guidance and function of your teeth.

#3 – Porcelain Veneers Look Natural

The goal of cosmetic dentistry is to create highly esthetic restorations that look completely natural. Men and women have different teeth shapes; men generally have larger teeth. The color of your restorations should match your skin tone and be age-appropriate, and we want to make sure that the result matches your face size and shape. Teeth that are too large or too small can look mismatched. We take all these factors into account when designing your new look.

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