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3 Advantages to Modern Fillings

January 29, 2018
Posted By: Southern Dental Group
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Dentistry constantly evolves and improves. If you think about old-timey photographs, no one was smiling! That’s because missing teeth and metal dentistry would ruin the family portrait. Fortunately, today’s dentistry is gorgeous and barely detectable. Dental fillings no longer have to contain metal, which darkens the entire tooth. We offer long-lasting tooth-colored fillings in our Somerset, KY dental office.

Here Are Some Advantages of Modern Fillings

They come in many shades – Composite, the material that we use to fill cavities, comes in many colors to match your natural teeth. We have a number on hand at Southern Dental Group to match your natural teeth.

We begin by matching your tooth color with a shade guide and then choose the proper color from our composite. Once Dr. Pope applies it, he will harden it with a curing light and polish the filling to a shine. It will barely be visible to the untrained eye.

They last a long time – Amalgam material was once preferred for posterior (back) teeth because it lasted for many years. Improvement in both the materials we use and the techniques we apply them to make composite fillings last just as long.

White fillings also do not expand and contract with temperature changes in the mouth. 

Conservative treatment – Metal fillings required the removal of a significant amount of healthy tooth structure to anchor the filling to the tooth. Composite fillings bond directly to the tooth and do not require us to remove nearly as much of the tooth.

Since composite bonds to the tooth structure, we can use it to repair chips and t reshape irregular teeth. It’s an affordable cosmetic treatment we complete in just one appointment.

If you need dental fillings in the Somerset, KY area, give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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