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How Our Prehistoric Ancestors Avoided Cavities

May 24, 2017
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Our prehistoric ancestors had a secret weapon against tooth decay and periodontal disease – a healthy diet.

Before humans reached the age of agriculture, the food they ate was whatever they could forage, pick, pluck, or kill. That meant that finding food was a constant struggle and they were quite active people. They also had a fairly nutritious diet based on what was available in their geographical boundaries. Their daily food choices were seasonal and varied.

Things like bakery items, refined sugar, and soda were not yet in existence, so they had better luck with their oral health than we have today. It was the introduction of processed foods that really began our dental decline, which continued until the introduction of fluoridated municipal water in the 1970s. If you think back, you probably had grandparents with dentures because tooth loss was so common before water fluoridation.

Because our ancestors’ diets were not processed, consuming food took a lot more work. Fibrous vegetables and fresh meat all required a significant amount of chewing to consume. Remember, back then, all animals were free-range, therefore much chewier. The fiber from wild vegetables and roots helped to keep their teeth clean even without modern conveniences like toothpaste and electric toothbrushes.

Dentistry did exist in ancient times. Evidence of early fillings made of clay and natural asphalt discovered by archaeologists show that decay existed, although it was not as prevalent as in modern times.

Advances in Modern Dentistry

Fortunately, if you are looking for a dentist in Somerset, KY, we offer all of the modern amenities that today's dentistry provides – comfort, advanced technology, and a commitment to educating our patients on the best ways to promote a healthy smile. We use the latest materials and treatment techniques to ensure greater comfort during procedures – something our prehistoric relatives had to live without.

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