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How Dental Cleanings Help Prevent Dental Issues

February 28, 2019
Posted By: Southern Dental Group
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At Southern Dental Group, we recommend dental cleanings twice per year. We advocate for this timeframe because professional dental cleanings in our Somerset, KY dental office help prevent serious dental issues down the road.

In fact, professional dental cleanings play a large role in every aspect of preventative dentistry.

How Professional Dental Cleanings Equal Prevention

Professional dental cleanings every six months clear away bacteria and plaque that even the most dedicated brushers and flossers miss. In fact, brushing and flossing alone cannot remove some types of bacteria. And waiting more than six months for your cleaning could mean a cavity or dental infection in the interim.

Our skilled dental hygienist has the latest tools and technologies to clear away everything that your oral hygiene routine has missed.

Additionally, our hygienist may notice a potential dental issue during your cleaning and can alert our top Somerset dentist.

Regular dental cleanings also help prevent periodontal disease and sudden-onset dental emergencies—both of which can cost you your teeth.

At Southern Dental Group, we have found that our patients who keep their dental cleaning appointments have fewer dental emergencies and incidences of periodontal disease.

Our philosophy on dental cleanings falls in line with the American Dental Association’s recommendations.

We Want You to Have a Healthy and Beautiful Smile

At Southern Dental Group, we promote proactive oral health care, which includes dental cleanings and regular dental visits. Simply, we want you to have healthy teeth and never experience the pain of a dental emergency.

We may also recommend special cleanings if we detect the early signs of periodontal disease.

Contact Our Dental Office

If you haven’t scheduled your first dental cleaning of the year or regular dental assessment, contact our Somerset, KY dental office today. Our team is also available if you have questions about dental cleanings.

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