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Do you offer crowns in one day?

Dental Crowns Somerset KYAt Southern Dental Group, we can often create your crown in one day. Because we utilize CAD/CAM technology and we have a CEREC (ceramic reconstruction) machine right in our Somerset dental office, we eliminate the need for gooey impressions and sending your crown to the dental lab for fabrication. 

By eliminating the step that includes a temporary crown and the need to involve a dental lab, we can often save you money as well as time. CEREC takes the guesswork out of dentistry, and you will leave with a quality restoration. 

We start by taking a digital impression of your tooth. Once we load that information into our dental software, our computer processes it and comes up with a 3-D image to create your ceramic crown. Then our computer works with a special machine to mill your new restoration out of a single block of ceramic. 

We can seat your permanent crown on the same day of your appointment. Crowns are not the only restorations we can create using CEREC technology. We also make veneers, fillings, bridges, inlays, and onlays. The versatile and reliable technology that CEREC provides allows our patients to improve their smiles faster than ever.

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