Dentures in Somerset, KY

Dentures Somerset KYMissing teeth can seriously disrupt your life, and having dentures that fit are a matter of protecting your health as well as your appearance. Ill-fitting dentures can create sores, may shift or move around, and can lead to some embarrassing moments. Having the right fit means that you can eat the foods you need to stay healthy and have an increased quality of life. 

At Southern Dental Group, our practice believes and is committed to a customized, premium denture service. When we consider how many times a day we smile, chew, and speak, it becomes very clear that a denture's design and fabrication are very important. With a customized, premium denture, we use advanced techniques along with premium teeth and acrylic. Even more importantly, we preview all cases (multiple times, if necessary), so that the final result is not left to chance.

Partial Removable Dentures

When you are missing some but not all of your natural teeth, we can use your remaining teeth to anchor a partial denture. A partial removable denture allows you to keep your healthy natural teeth and replace the missing ones with realistic, natural-looking denture teeth.

Keeping your natural teeth provides some advantages by preserving your remaining bone and to provide an anchor to secure your partial denture. Dr. Pope can determine the health of your remaining teeth and design a high-quality partial to complement your smile.

Complete (Full) Dentures

When you are missing all of your teeth on your upper or lower arch, Dr. Pope will design complete dentures to allow you to chew and smile confidently. He takes his time and uses his extensive experience to make dentures that look great, fit great, and will last a long time. 

We never cut corners when it comes to creating dentures for our patients because we know being able to chew comfortably and eat a healthy diet is essential in maintaining your health in the long term. Take a look at one of our techniques for giving you the best dentures for your lifestyle. 

Denture Repairs and Adjustments

Your bone structure changes over time, and you may find that your dentures need an occasional adjustment. We will not leave you hanging once you receive your new dentures.

When your dentures are completed, we will be there to help with any problems. You can count on us to support your continued health and wellness.

Call Us for an Evaluation 

If you have dentures that do not fit as well as they used to or if you need new dentures, call our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Pope. His experience and expertise will help you find a comfortable solution for your missing teeth.