CEREC Dentistry in Somerset, KY

CEREC Dentistry Somerset KYWe constantly strive to provide the highest quality dentistry in the most convenient way possible for our patients. We know that multiple trips to the dental office can really disrupt your schedule, so when we had the opportunity to bring CEREC technology to our office, we jumped at the chance.

CEREC, otherwise known as ceramic reconstruction, allows us to create world-class restorations right in our Somerset dental office without the need for multiple appointments and temporaries. 

How CEREC Works 

If you need a filling or crown, Dr. Pope will take the traditional steps to remove any of your decayed or damaged tooth before placing your restoration. He will gently numb the area and remove bacteria, decay, or unstable tooth structure so that you can start fresh with your new restoration.

After a series of necessary digital x-rays, we use the latest in CAD/CAM digital technology to scan and download information into specially designed dental software. Our software processes this digital data and creates a 3-D digital impression of your tooth that is exceptionally precise without the need for gummy impression material. 

Once we have the digital impression of your tooth, we send the information to a specially designed machine that works with our software to mill your restoration out of a single block of ceramic. 

Dr. Pope will make sure that your ceramic restoration matches your tooth as exactly as possible. He will then secure it permanently to your tooth structure and make any final adjustments necessary to ensure a perfect fit with your adjacent and opposing teeth so that your restoration is both beautiful and comfortable.

The CEREC Advantage 

Invented in 1980, CEREC has been around for decades now and has continuously improved as new technology becomes available. In addition to eliminating the middleman and saving you time, CEREC has proven safe and effective for the creation of various types of restorations including:

  • Fillings
  • Crowns
  • Inlays
  • Onlays
  • Veneers 

Unlike metal crowns and fillings, ceramic is more biocompatible and provides greater aesthetics for our patients. With proper care, ceramic restorations are durable, reliable, and long lasting.

CEREC restorations often save you money because we eliminate the need for a temporary crown and labor from a dental lab. That means a reduced fee that we pass on to you, while still offering the same reliable and attractive results.

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