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I Broke My Tooth! Now What?

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A broken tooth causes stress, to say the least. You might feel a sense of panic when you realize that part of your tooth came off while eating and you may even feel pain or sensitivity. Searching for a dentist to treat a dental emergency in 43501 can give you many options, but heading into a new office needs to be a good experience, especially when you need immediate care.

At Southern Dental Group, we treat our patients like family and address dental emergencies quickly so that you can feel comfortable again.

What Happens When You Break a Tooth

You may feel pain when you break a tooth, but if the fracture does ...

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Don't Wait Weeks for a Crown!

Tooth | Cerec crowns in Somerset

Is it just our team that has noticed, or does it feel like life just gets faster and faster? This seems especially true this time of year in the wake of the holidays and as a new year approaches. We understand that your time is valuable and that is one of the reasons we started offering CEREC crowns in our Somerset dental office.

Unlike traditional lab-created dental crowns, you will not need to wait two or more weeks for your final restoration. You can have your final crown on the same day at your appointment.

CEREC crowns are a great alternative for patients who have time-crunched schedules or who want to avoid ...

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CEREC vs. Traditional Crowns: What You Need to Know

Dental Crowns laying on a white backdrop | Dental Crowns Somerset

If you need a crown and you’re comparing the benefits of CEREC crowns vs. traditional laboratory crowns, you’ve probably noticed a lot of conflicting information. Dr. Michael Pope offers both CEREC (in-office) and lab-created dental crowns because they both have advantages.

CEREC vs. Traditional Crowns – the Differences

Here are some points to consider when weighing your options.

CEREC crowns are fast, convenient, and durable.  CEREC crowns eliminate the need for additional appointments to seat your final crown and you do not have the hassle of a temporary crown. Temporary crowns use a bonding agent that is easier to remove when your final crown is ready and sometimes come out, requiring a trip ...

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What to Expect with Your CEREC Crown

CEREC Crowns and Bridges in Somerset KY

New technology can cause some questions in patients’ minds. 

  • Will it work? 
  • Is it a good value? 
  • What can I expect for results? 

We offer CEREC crowns and bridges in our Somerset dental office, giving patients both convenience and reliability with their dental restorations. CEREC restorations differ from lab-created restorations in that we create them in one dental office appointment while you wait.

CEREC crowns and bridges are created right here in our office under the direction of Dr. Michael Pope, with assistance from computer-aided design and manufacture. We take a digital impression of the dental crown or bridge area and upload the information into our CEREC dental software, which creates a milled ceramic restoration. ...

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CEREC Dentistry

CEREC dentistry Somerset KY dentist

When you need a filling or crown, one of the major downsides is often needing to get a temporary restoration put in until a separate lab created restoration can be made for you, which means more money and more time. At Southern Dental Group, we offer our patients in the Somerset, KY area the benefit of CEREC dentistry allowing us to cut out the middle man and save you your hard earned time and money.

What is CEREC Dentistry?

Chairside Economical Restoration of ...

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